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Buying a used car?

Thinking of buying a used car? First things first: get a car history check or you could regret it.

Don’t make rookie mistake and buy a car without first checking whether its been stolen or written off in the past. Get a Motoriety used car check and feel confident of the facts and history of the car.

Why should you get a car history check?

Every year, insurers write off nearly half a million cars but some of these cars remain on the road. This could mean the car is unsafe, so for your own safety and security make sure you get a car data check before you think about buying.

Check that the car hasn’t been previously reported stolen. The Police National Computer passes information so that you can check if the car has ever been reported stolen. If you buy a car and later find out it has previously been reported stolen; you could lose the car and the money used to buy it.

Don’t assume a private seller will give you all the information available about the vehicle. It’s not in their interest to do so, but it is in yours. It’s your responsibility to research a vehicle’s history to make sure you have the full details on its status. If you are buying from a dealer they are legally obliged to check the vehicle history, provide the details of their research and not withhold any information that might affect a your buying decision.

Get the facts, check the vehicle’s history via Motoriety to find out:

  • Has it ever been reported stolen

  • Has it been previously written off by an insurer

  • Check the car hasn’t been cloned

  • Check the car hasn’t been scrapped

  • The verified VIN number

  • Number plate transfer information

  • Registration date confirmation

  • Mileage verification

  • True value