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Car Service History

According to a recent survey by Kwik Fit, more than one-in-three buyers (34%) will not buy a car without a full service history.

It’s estimated that a full service history can increase the value of a used car by up to 26%.

So with the average used car selling for £5,500 a full service record could be worth up to £1,500.


The current term ‘Full Service History’ or ‘FSH’ just refers to the service stamps alone, and does not take into account other aspects of maintenance, repair or enhancements to a vehicle that you inevitably undertake in its lifecycle like new tyres, brake pads, exhausts; on-going maintenance and repairs; bodywork improvements; restoration – anything.

Combine this with the fact that car owners are confused over what paperwork and receipts are important to keep, and the fact lots of this paperwork goes missing over time from owner to owner and you’re really missing the opportunity to keep truly comprehensive records on your car.

Unless you are a car enthusiast or a collector it is unlikely you have the inclination to store all this paperwork. It’s crazy in today’s digital age that we’re still even bothering to deal with paper receipts and documents.

We want to redefine the term ‘Full Service History’ by bringing the archaic paper-based system well into the digital age and creating a way for all aspects of maintenance to be securely logged and stored.

That’s why we offer a free-to-use digital glove-box – users store important documents securely with all future work done to car logged and digitally verified by our trusted garages, building a truly comprehensive service history – one we’re calling an AUTObiography – which can be digitally transferred from owner to owner.

So if its estimated that a current ‘full service history’ is worth up to 26%… imagine the value an AUTObiography will add.

Sign up for our free online system now and start creating and adding your service history!