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Car MOT's

MOTs – they’re a pain aren’t they?

Who can ever remember when their car MOT is due? Apparently, not many of us…

A report by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has found that a third of drivers admitted to driving a car that did not have a valid MOT. Some of the drivers surveyed had used their un-roadworthy vehicles for six months or more.

The SMMT report showed that two-thirds of drivers who had driven without an MOT left having their car tested for up to a week after their MOT had expired. A quarter of drivers had left it a month, and almost 10% said they had left it six months. Forty percent of drivers aged 18-24 had continued to drive after their MOT expired.

“People live such busy lives that remembering an annual admin date when there are no guaranteed reminders, is a nightmare. Its not surprising so many people forget – its not intentional, but owning and maintaining a car is so disjointed that we all end up forgetting something at some point.”

The free-to-use Motoriety system is the ideal solution. Shared by car owners and garages alike, the peer-to-peer rating system built into the online service history website allows real motorists to recommend garages based on their experience. You can also use it to check MOT status and history.

“Motoriety reviews can’t be faked,” says Lucy Burnford, “so they automatically carry more weight with consumers. Good local garages supplying honest, quality services are recommended by motorists, and get more business as a result. Add to that our automatic MOT reminders and you need never put off an MOT test again!”

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