Car Repairs

It’s inevitable: something will go wrong on your car at some point. It’s also inevitable that you probably won’t know what that ‘something’ is.

… and nerve-wracking.

Car repairs are never really welcome. They’re just one of those things. But we can help make that less painful.

We know the motor repair industry doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to consumer confidence.  That’s why at Motoriety, we created a unique platform where you, the motorist, rates and reviews the garage in return for having your digital service history verified to your Motoriety AUTObiography.

So when that inevitable little (or big) ‘something’ goes wrong on your car, you can look at the best reviews and find the highest rated garage in your area, and see who offers any specific car repair services you might be aware that you need, to help you decide where to take it to.

There is a lot of confusion over whether to take your car to the local independent garage, or the lovely franchised dealer.

Good independents can offer most of what the franchised dealers do … and the franchised dealers really aren’t always more expensive – who knew? So whichever type of garage you decide on, there are benefits to both.

That’s why at Motoriety we want to help you find the right garage for your needs, hopefully with a great offer to entice you, attached.

Motoriety helps you find the cheapest car repairs in your location with the widest choice of both franchised and independent garages.