Lucy Burnford

Lucy Burnford, Co-Founder

Lucy loves challenging the status quo, developing really useful products and ideas that make life easier.

About Lucy

Lucy started her first business by accident at the age of 22 when a perhaps too honest critique of a brand fortunately led to the opportunity to help launch the brand in the UK. That opportunity grew into marketing agency Lucid UK which Lucy ran for 12 years, with an impressive list of global brand clients.

Although it’s great making other peoples brands successful, Lucy decided to put her money where her mouth is and create her own, and like many entrepreneurs, once the light bulb moment happened, she became obsessed with making it happen.

Career highlight:

Appearing on the panel of the last series of TV show ‘The Apprentice, You’re Fired’ as the business expert (filmed the morning after my hen night, so calling that a ‘career highlight’ might be a bit optimistic!)

Current motor:

Range Rover Evoque – a great car for any occasion.
My husband has a 1975 Porsche 914 – a one-off collaboration between Porsche and VW and there aren’t very many around. Its quite ugly, really uncomfortable, not worth very much and breaks down all the time, but apart from that, its great.

Dream garage:

1950’s Mercedes Gullwing; a 1960’s Mercedes 190SL Roadster; a 1980’s Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet (I’d like to collect them one day); 1970’s Jaguar E-Type; Ferrari California; anything from the Landmark Car Co’s showroom of immaculate classic cars; the new BMW i3; oh and I quite like the Mini Paceman (it looks like the result of a sordid affair between the Evoque and the Mini Cooper). Fun.

Favourite Website:
I love anything that makes my life easier and saves me money, which Anyvan does. Really well.




Olli Astley

Olli Astley, Co-Founder

Olli is a self-confessed car nut and once built a car search engine in his spare time.

About Olli

Olli has spent the past 20 years working in automotive technology developing systems for some of the UK’s most recognised motoring websites and car manufacturers

Olli is also an expert in on-line security and has worked on platforms that process highly sensitive data sets – so he knows his stuff when it comes to the complex, techy development of the Motoriety site. Excellent.

Career highlight:

Developing some of the UK’s first web sites in the early 90’s including Argos and Toys R Us.

Current motors:

Audi S6 – take a look here

Mini John Cooper Works – take a look here

Dream garage:

Lamborghini Miura – just that, nothing else.

Favourite Website: