How does Motoriety work? 

Simple: we connect you with motorists in your area who need you, at exactly the right time.

Timely, relevant, valuable – both to the motorist and to you.

  1. Register your listing. It’s quick, easy and simple.
  2. Detail any special offers you want local motorists to receive e.g. Half price MOT or Free vehicle health check.
  3. Receive booking requests direct from local motorists
  4. Accept the booking and complete the work
  5. Digitally verify the works to the customer’s Motoriety account (withheld by us until the motorist completes the rating and review process)
  6. Receive a real review from that customer, to build your online reputation
  7. The works are then credited to the customer’s Motoriety account
  8. You’ll become that customer’s default ‘Home’ garage in their Motoriety account for future booking potential
This sounds great, how do I join?